This is how confidence feels with SPLENDOR X.

The assurance that our highly advanced BLEND X technology, featuring dual wavelengths that can be adjusted and synchronized, enables a unique, customized treatment. The exhilaration of treating more patients, quickly and more effectively. The satisfaction that no other laser hair removal system delivers such complete coverage for all skin types. The certainty of patient and provider safety, thanks to a unique integrated smoke evacuator and Dual Cooling System (DCS). The assurance that the system will deliver a fast and excellent return on investment. SPLENDOR X – it’s unlike any other hair removal system in the world.

  • Enjoy a silky, soft body  

    Enjoy a silky, soft body  

    No pain or burns. No frills. Short treatments than ever

  • Sensitive areas with More pleasant

    Sensitive areas with More pleasant

    SPLENDOR X device is safer for your skin, as it is designed with smart technology to determine your skin type and provide you with greater effectiveness and results of its content. An advanced cooling technology ensures you patients enjoy a comfortable treatment.

  • Without traces of pens

    Without traces of pens

    The SPLENDOR X device provided us with invisible highlighter technology to locate the most accurate places in your body under UV lighting, and you will not have to remove the pens after each session.

  • Fewer sessions

    Fewer sessions

    Your time is precious. Thanks to modern SPLENDOR X technologies, you will need fewer sessions without frills to enjoy a silky body.


SPLENDOR X has many smart features that make it so effective hair removal solution.


SPLENDOR X is generally suitable for all skin tones - even dark or tanned skin - and for all body areas and types of hair.


Powered by BLEND X technology, so it is more efficient than a single laser wavelength. Lasers are effective when hair is at the Anagen growth stage. Because not all hairs will be at the same stage at the same time, multiple treatments are needed to permanently remove any unwanted hair. A practitioner will advise on the number required.


The 755nm wavelength is great at treating lighter skin, and the 1064nm is great for darker skin, but BLEND Xing these in the correct amounts for your skin type – and with a choice of spot sizes - means treatment is tailored to the patient. SPLENDOR X is ideal for men, whether they are looking for a hair-free solution or suffering from ingrown hair (Pseudofolliculitis Barbae). The square-shaped spot can also follow the fine beard border for precise definition.


SPLENDOR X is the world's first Hybrid laser hair removal using an innovative combination of two wavelengths at once, the first ever square footprint, and a speed for customers to be confident they receive an effective, comfortable and fast hair removal treatment unlike anything they have ever seen from before.


Features a Dual Cooling System (DCS): combining cooled air and a cooled tip to protect your skin and ensure a comfortable treatment.


Traditional round shape spots can be inconsistent in coverage: if areas are missed, the practitioner has to retouch them, increasing risks of burns. SPLENDOR X features a unique square-shaped laser spot shape that safely covers every inch of skin being treated.


Powered by BLEND X is a unique solid-state laser system with unprecedented power, speed and coverage. The wavelength of ND: YAG and Alexandrite can be synchronized for release, in varying proportions from the designed treatment, depending on the individual's skin type, hair color and thickness, allowing safe and effective treatment. Strong, fast and versatile SPLENDOR X handles a wide range of hair removal procedures and skin conditions such as reducing wrinkles, vascular and pigment lesions. Tremendous power and unprecedented speed.

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What doctors are saying


What Splendor-x users are saying


1-What makes SPLENDOR X™ different for Hair Removal?
SPLENDOR X is unlike any other hair removal system in the world. It is the first Nd:YAG and Alexandrite laser system to be powered by BLEND X™ technology for unprecedented power, speed, versatility and coverage rate. It is also the first fiber-delivered laser featuring a large, square spot size and an integrated plume evacuator for an unrivalled treatment experience. SPLENDOR X lets you customize hair removal and skin treatments across a wide range of skin tones, like never before.
2-Does SPLENDOR X™ hurt?
SPLENDOR X™ is more comfortable laser hair removal than other lasers on the market. Features a Dual Cooling System (DCS): combining cooled air and a cooled tip to protect your skin and ensure a comfortable treatment.
3-How does Laser Hair Removal work?
Laser hair removal uses a laser light energy with a specific wavelength. During treatment, lasers emit energy in the form of light onto the skin. The melanin in the hair absorbs this energy and converts it into heat which then destroys the hair follicles to prevent or stop future growth. BLEND X technology harnesses the power of two wavelengths For greater effectiveness for hair-free skin. Treatment is extremely comfortable, safe and quick, with some patients noticing improvement after just one treatment.
4-Can SPLENDOR X™ treat all skin types?
Yes, it can treat all skin types safely!
5-Can SPLENDOR X™ treat blonde, grey, or white hairs?
It can not treat grey hair, nor can any laser hair removal. It can treat blonde hair with limited efficacy. SPLENDOR X™ can also treat the fine hair in advanced treatments.
6-How many treatments of SPLENDOR X™ Laser Hair Removal do I need?
Thanks to BLEND X technology, you should need fewer sessions than with a treatment using just a single laser wavelength. It blends two laser wavelengths to harness their power and unique properties - and achieve better results. Also, a single laser may not be suitable for everyone. Lasers are effective when hair is in the Anagen growth stage. Because not all hairs will be at the same stage at the same time, you’ll need multiple treatments to permanently remove the unwanted hair. Your practitioner will advise you on the number required.
7-How long does it take to treat the whole body with SPLENDOR X™?
Full body treatments are generally 30-40 minutes, whereas other devices are 90 minutes to 2 hours.
8-What results can I expect with SPLENDOR X™?
How the area will look right after treatment varies from person to person. You may have some redness and swelling around hair follicles straight after. In the following weeks you will notice less hair growth as you progress through the course of your treatments. Your treatment provider will give you aftercare guidelines, especially pertaining to sun protection.

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